The theory behind our services is very simple. We work with the existing layers of carbon in the energy field and physical body, amplify them with non invasive methods then use superconductors to attach the hyperdimensional health services to those fields that then adjust the molecular make up of the individual.

#CarbonConnect: The downloading of etheric, hyperdimensional services or medicine into the physical body by way of carbon and activations of  specific forces of physics 

#CarbonTrack: Tracks biometrics in real time and stores them onto the platform in order to monitor changes in health in accordance to services utilized

#CarbonLink: A portal that users access in order to upgrade their energy fields and restore an etheric layer to their nervous system that allows them to feel the work in real time

#CarbonCode: A code generated by each platform user that automatically connects their energy field to the platform in order to manage and access health services as well as measure tangible outcomes of etheric services

#HealthIntelligence: A byproduct of utilizing the services is an expansion of the mental body which includes an additional intuition that supports you in making long term changes for your health 


This work has gone on for centuries. However, we have produced several scientific articles and research studies outlining how hyperdimensional medicine works. You can learn more about through our white paper and chemistry textbook written by one of our founders. 

“Primer on the New Kemistry”


Our work has been used to drive the following research. These also compliment are work and the research only continues to validate the work we have set forth prior.

DNA & Superconductors

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Crystalline Structures As Portals

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Cellular Revival

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